Kaylee Earp

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Hello! My name is Kaylee Earp. I am a senior at UNCW majoring in Communication Studies. I changed my major four times before I finally realized what I was passionate about. I decided to take a semester of random classes hoping that I would develop an interest in something. I found that interest in my communication class. I have developed a love for storytelling, qualitative research, and graphic design through this major. Two fun facts about me are that I have written my own children’s book “Kayden’s Journey” and I am phlebotomy certified. Upon graduating in December, I would like to take a break before entering graduate school. I hope to work at either Lowe’s Corporate or a medical office practicing phlebotomy. After a brief hiatus, I hope to begin working on a master’s in administrative health. I want to work as a director of a nursing home after I finish grad school. Outside of school, I love to bake, do crafts, and binge watch Netflix. This semester I help manage both the ETEAL and the UNCW Performance Studies social media accounts. I am stoked to see what my final semester has in store for me.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaylee-earp