Holly Pearce

I’m Holly Pearce, a communication studies major with a minor in recreation graduating in May 2021. I am a vibrant, dedicated aspiring event planner who wants to make sure the client gets everything they want at their next party, event, or wedding. I am very imaginative and can offer an original perspective. Given a few starting details from a vision, I am certain to create something personalized for you. 

My experience includes working with college-aged students in a popular beach town, Wilmington, North Carolina. My ideas are not cookiecutter; some have said the experiences I created were outside of the box. Ever since I was a little girl, I envisioned creating one of a kind experiences for people to enjoy. From my days when I created fictitious “parties” for my family to the present, many of my life experiences have prepared me to become the best event planner I can be. While in college I traveled abroad and gained many ideas and innovative ways to promote events. Some of my hobbies include creating digital artwork and designing marketing materials such as social media posts. I also specialize in the use of Adobe software and can create wonderful mementos for important special events. As a digital photo editor, I can preserve your cherished memories and create long-lasting experiences. Dedicated, organized, and hardworking, I will do my best to create a unique all-around experience for you and your loved ones.