Carmen Reynolds

Hey there, I’m Carmen! I help brands establish an identity and communicate authentically with their audience. I’m currently finishing my last semester at UNCW, where I’ve pursued a communication studies major and minor in leadership. Before diving into my major, I didn’t understand how important communication was. I’ve learned that effective communication doesn’t just improve relationships, it’s the foundation for everything we do. It solves problems, builds businesses, increases productivity, gives clarity and understanding – and so much more. In addition to my major, taking the leadership courses developed me into a hardworking woman that provides for and encourages others.   

After graduation, I’m planning to expand my social media marketing business. I will be working with clients to grow their audience, share their story and values, and promote their brand. Starting off, my services will include blog writing, website design, and social media platform management. My long-term goal is to add team members and expand the list of services provided.