Ashley Oliver

My name is Ashley Oliver and I am currently a Senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington graduating in December 2020. I am pursuing a major in Communication studies with a focus in Integrated Marketing Communication as well as a minor in Spanish. I am a passionate individual and I am driven by attention to detail. I thrive when given the opportunity to evolve and expand my horizons. My goals include working with a company who I can grow with and allow me to interact with a team to learn new skills. My previous and current job roles include customer service skills where I actively communicate with customers and ensure that they are treated with respect and empathy to cumulate the best experience foreach individual.In my free time I enjoy spending my time traveling to new places and seeking out new adventures. I also enjoy finding ways to get involved with organizations in my community to benefit others. I look forward to entering the marketing/customer service industry and exploring my passion for communication interaction. Whether that interaction is through verbal communication (i.e.speaking on the phone, face to face communication, etc.), advertising, or social media. I am eager and also excited to begin my life post-graduation. These times are difficult and we are struggling to grow while adapting to evolving and uncertain circumstances. However, I find comfort in knowing that we are all in this together and through the help of others and the personal responsibility of ourselves we can overcome the setbacks. The world is experiencing scary changes, but we are all navigating and figuring things out one day at a time and most importantly,together. It is vital to never give up and always strive to overcome obstacles that might stand in our way. That is my goal, and I hope that it can be yours as well. It is important to persevere and come out on the other side stronger and ready to work even harder.