Abigail Morris

Creating a voice for your vision

The act of taking an idea and creating a platform that perfectly illustrates its original meaning is difficult to accomplish. Throughout her entire adolescence, Abigail struggled to communicate her creativity to those around her. Because of this, she dedicated seven years of her life cultivating skills within subjects such as communication, psychology, and creative writing to overcome this inability to express herself.

Majoring in Communication at the University of North Carolina Wilmington has provided her insight into critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and marketing. These concepts that she has studied offers new perspectives and ideas that can translate well with a broad range of consumers. This knowledge has also enhanced her ability to effectively recognize social and marketing trends within different industries to understand and engage with various demographics.

Along with the skillsets mentioned, the knowledge she has accumulated within her academic career has aided her throughout her three years of game creation. This has allowed her to create a personalized experience for players that is thought-provoking and engaging. With an additional three years of creating personalized learning content for elementary students, she has gained a rich understanding of what drives intellectual curiosity.