Michalah Matthews

I specialize in knowing exactly what your audience wants. I do this by becoming one with the consumer. I put myself in their shoes, ask them questions, and think about the things I would want if I were them. I get to know my audience as if they were a close personal friend. This is the key to knowing your audience and being successful as a brand.

Michalah Matthews is a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and will graduate in 2022. She’s majoring in Communication Studies with a focus on integrated marketing communication. She has been a member of BWA (Black Women’s Association) for her entire university career as well as an LGBTQ+ ally. One of her dreams is to work in human resources to ensure that minority groups are not just the face of diversity in the workplace, but are comfortable and treated fairly. She has been a member of the Wilmington community since 2018 and is an advocate for buying from local businesses.

Michalah has experience in communicating brands efficiently to their intended audiences/consumers. She has the ability to read an audience and know exactly how to market towards specific demographics. She has designed her own logos and ads using Adobe Creative Cloud programs, like InDesign, as well as training in breaking down the science of why certain ads or platforms work better than others. Michalah’s experience with social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, makes her a key figure in deciding which platforms will be most successful in achieving necessary visibility for a brand. Michalah is Hootsuite certified which allows her to be more productive as well as manage social media platforms across one platform.