Lia Carnes

Lia Carnes is a full-time student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Following her graduation in the Fall of 2023, she hopes to apply to the UNCW M.A. IMC program to help boost herself into a career revolving around social media management. Lia is an organized, even-tempered person. She loves to learn and will consistently work until she reaches her goals.


As a full-time student, Lia also has a marketing internship on campus through UNCW Campus Life. Through the internship, she is learning how to design social media posts through Canva, write Instagram captions, be in a professional environment, and improve her photography skills through marketing events. Part of the internship involves overseeing one of the Campus Life-affiliated Instagram accounts. Looking into the future, Lia is interested in mentoring future interns who pass through Campus Life. She wants to learn more about copywriting and work on larger projects that more of the campus community will see.

A level-headed achiever whose passion is to help others.