Emily Klein

50% Project Management – 50% Marketing – 100% on your side

Emily Klein is a senior at UNCW, studying communication with a concentration in integrated marketing communication. She is originally from New York but lived most of her life in a small town outside of Raleigh, NC. She is currently a conference and event marketing intern at a cloud banking software company in Wilmington, North Carolina. Emily has experience in project management, marketing, and customer service. She cherishes a thriving office culture and aims to surround herself with individuals who strive to reach common goals set by an ambitious vision.

Upon graduation, Emily hopes to obtain a full-time marketing position.
Emily is outgoing, motivated, dependable, and loyal. She takes pride in her ambition and the fact that she never settles. Christianity is a big part of Emily’s life and she is involved with various extracurriculars through her church. Including being a part of a college ministry, partaking in community groups, and volunteering with the children in the church nursery.