Sydney Jones

Helping you tell your brand’s story one post at a time.

Sydney Jones is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington majoring in communication studies and minoring in business. Sydney is from Raleigh, NC originally, but moved to Wilmington in 2014 and has been there ever since. In her free time, Sydney is a lover of the arts and participates in local theatre and dance. She hopes to use her learned experience at UNCW in some way in this field.

Upon starting at UNCW, Sydney was unsure of what she wanted to focus on. After trying out some COM classes, she found that she loved communication studies and wanted her focus to remain on that. She has acquired skills in brand analysis, designing brand messages and graphics, and writing professional artifacts and documents. She is also certified on the social media management website, Hootsuite.

Throughout her college experience, she has used her knowledge in jobs and internships through social media management, blog writing, program management, and assisting. She hopes that she will be able to continue to use her experience learned at UNCW personally and professionally.