Aanya Mohiuddin

Skillfully working with people to build their brand messaging and express it through their services and products.

Aanya Mohiuddin is an undergraduate student at University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a senior studying communication studies with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. She felt it was necessary to add her minor to her degree to get the most out of her time in university. The entrepreneurship and innovation minor complements her major well because communication plays a key role in building and running a business as well as participating in other business endeavors. In her spare time, she likes to attend yoga classes, explore the city of Wilmington, enjoy music, and travel.
Post-graduation, Aanya is excited to work in communication positions within the music industry such as marketing, branding, and/or management. Through her education and community service experience, Aanya has knowledge in social media content creation and analytics, as well as graphic designing. Aanya enjoys helping people communicate what their brand represents, whether that be through messaging, graphics, or marketing.