Collin Harrington

“Curating Content Unique to You”

Collin Harrington is a senior majoring in communication studies with concentrations in integrated marketing communications (IMC) and videography with a minor in business. Collin is interested in various fields such as social media, advertising, public relations, sales, event planning, and videography. He would love an environment where it is fast-paced, hands-on, and very social. As an individual interested in many fields, Collin took the initiative to explore two internships. One at Communicopia PR and a non-profit Going Beyond the Pink.
Collin learned how to incorporate IMC, business, and communication in the professional world to discover relationships and trends between marketing strategy and PR and integrate them into a brand community to create a positive effect. Additionally, Collin crafted unique and organic content through specialized framing to help, whether it was dealing with campaigns, event planning, promotion tactics, or PR messaging and advertising. He also learned how to grow companies’ social media to make it more interactive and build that connection by engaging with the companies’ audience by social listening.
In his spare time, Collin loves to socialize with his friends and meet new people. Whether that is exploring Wrightsville late at night, going to the beach, or at social gatherings. Additionally, Collin loves attending music festivals where he sees his favorite DJs and traveling, where he can experience life to the fullest by being spontaneous.