Savannah Gillie

“Here to brighten your brand and your day.”

Savannah Gillie is a current senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She will be graduating in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, concentrated in integrated marketing communication, and a business minor. During her time at UNCW, she has taken the courses needed in order to succeed at any career path she takes. Savannah has excelled in courses concentrated in marketing strategies, strategic writing in IMC, and campaign designs. Learning and applying this material has prepared her to enter the job market.

One of Savannah’s favorite things to do is to make other people happy. She is known as a bright, optimistic, and determined individual. She always aims to make sure other people are having a good day, even if she’s not. If you want to see the good in the world, you have to be willing to be a part of it. These values can be seen in all the content she creates. Having a colorful personality allows Savannah to create positive and attention getting content for any brand she works with.

Along with taking courses at UNCW to prepare her for her future occupation, she has also acquired a social media marketing internship with Blue Satin Bee. Blue Satin Bee is a wedding planning company based in Southport. They were looking for an individual who could portray their brand in a “light and bright” way to their followers. After meeting with her for an interview, they decided she was a perfect fit for the position. After working closely with their social media manager, Savannah will have extensive knowledge on creating content for successful social media marketing.