Jacob Guiler-Martinez

I dream to understand all cultures of this world by sharing stories.

Jacob is outgoing, personable, and enjoys using these qualities to learn about his fellow humans and the world they share. He began his education In Guadalajara, Mexico at a bilingual primary school at 5 years old. Growing up in a multicultural home, Jacob was fascinated with how various groups of people lived so differently. He enjoyed learning about his cultures’ histories growing up, how they compared, and what made them unique such as how cultures express themselves through the arts, language, and food.

His desire to understand others drove him to Communication Studies, a major that would give him the tools necessary to do so. Jacob has developed the ability to communicate interculturally, interpersonally, and understands how different organizations can affect communication.

Through his IMC studies Jacob has developed skills in branding, marketing, and design that will help him share his stories with a wider audience. He is proficient with word, Adobe Spark, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other photo editing applications used in design. He has a great understanding of social media, it’s uses in supporting a brand’s image, and is Hootsuite certified.

Jacob is serious about learning and loving the people around him but also enjoys joking with his peers and lifting them up when he can. He continues to be open to new experiences, study new arts, try new foods to connect with and understand as many people as he can.