Evan Jones

“Driven Communicator. Dedicated to People.”

Evan Jones is a senior at UNCW pursuing a degree in Communication Studies. He was born in Philadelphia and raised in Chapel Hill, but unfortunately remains an Eagles fan. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, cross-country snow skiing, and wakeboarding. Evan became interested and attracted by the concept of IMC after being tasked with some marketing work for a sandwich shop he worked at. After completing the work and seeing immediate success as a result, Evan believed that his own unique skillset would mesh nicely with the skills required of the discipline. Some of these skills include, creative problem solving, adaptability to constantly changing challenges and ability to modify or create messages to represent the interests of a brand.

To hone those skills and gain a broader understanding of IMC, he completed each IMC course offered by the university and created work throughout some classes which would be used by professors as ideal examples. Along with the work he created and knowledge he gained throughout his classes, Evan is also Word, PowerPoint, and Excel certified, and a proficient user of Adobe Spark, Photoshop, and InDesign. He is also Hootsuite certified.

Being set to graduate in the Fall, Evan is using his last semester to gain more practical experience in the field of IMC. After graduation, Evan plans to work in an IMC related job, specifically in either creative marketing or public relations along the East Coast. After being in school for the past four years, Evan looks forward to a new set of challenges to face each day at his inevitable place of employment.