Lillie Daughtridge

Lillie Daughtridge is currently a senior studying at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication. Her goal after graduation is to receive her master’s degree in Communication Studies. Lillie has taken numerous Integrated Marketing Communication classes in her time as an undergrad. In one of Lillie’s favorite classes, IMC: Campaign Design, she organized and created a total rebrand for the Taco Bell organization. Through this project, Lillie gained the skills and knowledge for content creation and concepts for new graphics and messaging for the brand. She also has her certification for the online social media management platform Hootsuite.

Lillie works as a social media manager at a small sandwich shop in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. She created their logo, eye-catching branding and even got the opportunity to publish her content for the sandwich shop in the local magazine. Since Lillie joined the business, it has gained over one thousand followers on its social media platforms. She continues to create content through photos, videos, and interacting with their online community.

Lillie is known for her communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and leadership experience. Lillie plans to create creative social media content for businesses searching for a new identity. She produces valuable content that will dramatically increase sales and target various audiences. Lillie is an active member of Lambda Pi Eta, the official Communication Studies honor society of the National Communication Association. “I create eye-catching social media content that helps small-businesses flourish.”