Morgan Britt

Morgan’s passion for success can be traced back to when she was young, when she spent significant time working on her work ethic, which started by playing sports. As a result, she is very determined, and when she has her mind set on achieving something, she will find a way to get it done! she always has an open mind and is willing to get things done differently if it will help better her brand or company. 

Morgan has experience taking on a very hectic work schedule while taking on the student-athlete role. Morgan takes pride in providing the best projects, ideas, and work she possibly can. As a student-athlete, her goals include providing efficient work and feedback to push her brand/company to the top. She has a Hootsuite certification and Microsoft certification. With these certifications she can take her creativity to new levels and knows how to connect social media to new perspectives from a business standpoint. Many professors have recognized Morgan for her extraordinary commitment to completing things professionally in the classroom and on the field. “I am ready to be the leader you need to make your organization to the next level. Discovering a powerful connection between members within an organization and build a greater relationship with consumers outside the program. I want to be able to take the creativity and research and set a higher standard for who I am working with to bring the organization to life.”