Spreading My Wings

As I find myself writing this post I am flooded with the precious memories made over the last few years as a Seahawk. I think back to my first day coming on campus, scared and timid… navigating by myself and finding myself sitting in Cameron Hall filled with fellow peers waiting for Dr. Weber to come in and begin lecture. I remember the voices, the faces of so many of my peers who, little did I know years later I would grow to know so well and spend much more time with them. I think of all the hardships and the struggles we have all been through but despite everything that has stood in our way we have somehow managed to make it to the finish line. For some of us (mainly myself) we take an extra victory lap. Others finishing up early and gearing up for the next adventure. Is that not what it is all about?

While I have been so quick to think about what comes next, I now find myself reminiscing on the small things I took for granted and felt like I let pass me by. The many early morning lectures from Dr. O in COM 200 and the group work that was dreaded but eventually brought me to meet some of my now life-long friends. The COM Week panels we attended and the words from alumni we listened to perhaps only for the extra-credit. Maybe, for me, it is just the times that have me feeling even more nostalgic…longing for one last class lecture in Leutze Hall, longing to walk quickly down Chancellor’s to make it to class with a minute to spare…things and experiences I will never be able to get back and got cut too short without much notice.

COM 231 Poster Project

If I could share one piece of advice to future students, future COM IMC students, to any student who might find themselves in the same position as me…I know we have all heard it before, trust me I lost count of hearing it myself after the ten-thousandth time, but it is this… stop for a moment often and take a minute to feel the things happening around you. Whether it is on an online Zoom meeting; or perhaps soon one day you will find yourself back on campus and there is hustle and bustle; or you are just simply driving to the library dreading to take a book back to drop off; feel those moments, have gratitude for being exactly where you are at that time. Do not let time pass you by. As Sarah McLachlan sang it best… “Don’t let your life pass you by, weep not for the memories.” Be weary of wishing away time, because all at once and before you know it your time has come to an end; or as the year 2020 has proven – everything you know can change all at once and change DRASTICALLY.

To my fellow Seahawks who are also graduating virtually with me in December, let us not forget how far we have come. Despite commencement being virtual, it cannot take away from all the hard work we have put into this and nothing should be able to take that feeling away from us. If no one else has told you, I am PROUD of you. We also must remember to be easy on ourselves. This is new territory for us, as soon to be graduates, and for every other person in the world right now. Nothing is certain and we can only do our best. Do not be too hard on yourself if the plans you had for yourself two years ago, or maybe less than a month ago have changed. I believe that life is defined half of by what happens to you and the other half how you choose to react to what happens.  I know for me personally the plans I had in mind for myself years ago are nowhere near what is to come in the next few months. My plans made a drastic change and to be utterly honest are still up in the air. Luckily, we are Seahawks and our wings will allow us to fly when things are up in the air. Wings up my friends, let us all remember this as we fly to our next adventure.

Written by Ashley Oliver. You can learn more about Ashley and our other blog writers by clicking the “Our Team” banner at the top!