Believe in Your Dreams & Allow them to Change

I began my journey as a UNCW Seahawk in the Spring of 2017; it had been my dream ever since the eighth grade. Way back in middle school, I would spend hours looking at campus photos and taking the virtual tour too many times to count. This came as a bit of a shock to my parents considering we live all the way up in New Jersey. For years they thought my dream to go to UNCW was just a phase I would eventually grow out of. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Through my time at UNCW I have learned that your vision for the future doesn’t have to be set in stone. When I first moved to Wilmington for school, I had my heart set on being a Creative Writing major, moving to NYC after graduation and publishing books at Simon & Schuster. My path could not be more different now. I eventually realized that I had grown out of that dream but the idea of changing my path entirely was daunting. It was only when I was introduced to the COM department that my then daunting future became full of possibility.


Through this department I have made lifelong friends, met professors I admire and created a whole new vision for my future. I cannot believe my time at UNCW is coming to an end, especially as I am separated from the individuals who made this experience unforgettable. My biggest regret when I think about graduating is that I didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities UNCW has offered me and that I took for granted the time I had with the people who’ve made these past four years so special.

This degree has been the most challenging and rewarding feat of my life. As we near graduation and the momentous occasion that it is, I can’t help but be grateful for all the opportunities I have been given.

It’s been a pleasure. Until next time Wilmy!

Kaitlyn Schissler, UNCW COM Class of 2020