IMC-You Later

As I reflect on these past four years at UNCW, so many memories come flooding back to me. I remember my first day of class, when I quickly learned that Physical Anthropology was not for me. I remember my first ever basketball game, and the first time I ever tried Jole Mole. I also remember my first COM class with Dr. Weber, my first exposure to the Communication Studies major here at UNCW. As a Film and Communication Studies double major, I often toggled back and forth with the idea of dropping my COM major, that is, until COM 105. I am forever grateful for the piece of advice Dr. Weber gave us one afternoon: “There’s nothing a COM major isn’t capable of. If you study COM, you will be successful in almost all areas of your life.” I wrote it down, and took it to heart, and I’m forever grateful for that lecture. Without it, I might not be here writing this blog post. So thank you, Dr. Weber.

I’m also taking some time to reflect on another course that significantly changed my life: COM 231-Intro to IMC. While I knew documentary was my passion in film, I had yet to find my Communication Studies passion. Enter Dr. Persuit, who taught me about all things advertising, branding, public relations, and marketing. It was as though something had been unlocked inside me, and suddenly a whole new world of exciting career possibilities opened up before me. Without her support and guidance, there’s no way I would be pursuing the careers I am after now, or interning as a public relations and marketing specialist in Wilmington. My only regret in college is that I wasn’t able to take more of her classes. So, thank you, Dr. Persuit, for pushing me outside of my comfort zone, and always believing in us IMChawks.

Although graduation is a bittersweet time, I remind myself that it’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you later.” Communication Studies has opened doors for me that allow for a career in the field I love, in the city I love, and I can never express how grateful I am for that. Here’s to the best four years of my life so far, and the even better years to come.

-Audra Bullard