As Cliche As It Sounds…

As I reflect on the last four years here at UNCW, it’s hard not to think in clichés. When people told me college would fly by, I rolled my eyes. At the time four years seemed like a lifetime away, but alas, they were right. Here I am picking up my cap and gown and furiously applying for “big girl” jobs.

As sad as it is that my college career has come to an end, it’s nice to look back and think of how much I have grown as a person in such a short amount of time (see I told you cliché). I came into college as a very shy person, I was content in the background never straying from my comfort zone. College terrified me at first because I knew I would have to fight what I thought was comfortable. In fact, my first year of college I strayed from majoring in Communication Studies, for the sheer fact that public speaking was a required course. Thankfully, I quickly learned that stepping outside of my norm was the best and most rewarding thing I could do for myself. Not only did I meet new and exciting people, but I also created experiences for myself that would have never otherwise happen.

Over the last four years, I have traveled, met incredible people, and most importantly learned a lot along the way. What I can honestly say about what was constant throughout this whole process was the encouragement and support I felt from UNCW, specifically the Communication Studies Department. UNCW has well prepared me to take on a role in the business world and I feel incredibly lucky to have received such a world-class education. What really stands out to me in terms of my education is how much applied learning the COM department offered me. I thrive from learning by doing, and while I have loved many of the lecture style classes I have taken, I have found the ability to immerse myself in first-hand experiences so invaluable. I thank the professors and staff at UNCW for allowing such unique and relevant ways to learn about the industries we strive to be in, and I can truly say I cannot recommend UNCW and the COM department enough.

While much of this blog post sounds like one big fat cliché, it’s honestly so true. These four years have been an incredible learning experience. They flew by and were packed with amazing memories. Perhaps one cliché that I feel doesn’t apply is that these years will have been the “best of my life”. I believe the experiences I’ve had at UNCW have prepared me to make the next coming years of my life the best yet.

-Tori Lyman