Aliyah and The Sweetaholic Factory


For most college students, including myself, Friday nights are the best times to look forward to. On these nights, we are able to put aside our college stresses and get ready for the fun surprises the weekend holds. Some of these surprises could include spontaneously traveling to another state to see your best friends, partying, or using your free time to catch up on some verrrrrry much-needed sleep. For me, this Friday night included a delicious surprise! I discovered THE sweetaholic’s (someone who is obsessed with sweets) paradise here in our city of Wilmington called Kilwin’s Ice Cream, Chocolates, and Fudge!

Kilwin’s Ice Cream, Chocolates, and Fudge is a sweets shop located on 16 Market Street in Wilmington, NC. The business started in Petoskey, MI by founders Don and Katy Kilwin in 1947. Since then, Kilwin’s business has spread all across the U.S. with 120 stores opening in 23 states. Kilwin’s also has gained a reputation for selling high-quality chocolate, ice cream, and homemade waffle cones. According to Entrepreneurs Magazine, Kilwins was listed as #68 for their 2019 Franchise 500 Ranking for the amount of money they make. From my visit to Kilwin’s this Friday, I can understand why they are ranked so highly!

Upon approaching their Wilmington shop, there was a long line of hungry customers outside wanting a piece of chocolatey heaven. I, myself, was in line for about 30 mins for their ice cream, but the beautifully decorated place made the wait worthwhile. Through the store windows, I was able to see a worker hand making Kilwin’s delectable fudge by massaging and cutting them into huge, thick brown slices. On the other side, I saw another worker making homemade waffle cones by carefully taking them out of a machine and rolling them into their notable shape. Just by watching this and smelling the sweet rich aroma made my mouth begin to water.

Once I was finally able to enter the store, I felt like I was Charlie and that I had won the golden ticket to the Chocolate FactoryThe store was decorated with their fancy logo and photos of different ice cream flavors. Along the aisle where the customers and I stood in line, there were stations filled with Kilwin’s wonderful sweets.



One that caught my eye was their station filled with their Sea-Salt Chocolate Bark and All Milk Sea-Salt Caramels.


Placing these sweets along the buying line was a great marketing strategy for Kilwin’s. It would let the customers gain more brand awareness as they were directly seeing the brand with the Kilwin’s logo along with the extra sweets they sold. By having the stations there, it encourages the most likely hungry customers into buying more things while they wait for their ice cream or fudge. Luckily, Kilwin’s couldn’t fool this IMC student. Aliyah: 1, Kilwin’s: 0!

Along with the sweet stations, towards the back of the store was the ice cream bar which I was waiting for. There were all kinds of flavors: Key Lime Pie, Georgia Peach, Fudgie Brownie, Cake Batter, and tons of others! Besides their endless selections of flavors, what also made their ice cream desirable was that they were made from Kilwin’s original recipe. Now, THIS I was dying to try!

In the end, I decided to get one of my all-time favorite flavors, Cookies and Cream, in a waffle cone bowl. With that delicious recipe, I was over-the-moon happy and had to take a picture of that moment.


Overall, I would say that Kilwin’s has definitely gained themselves a new customer and her name is Aliyah!

To learn more about Kilwin’s and their endless sweets, check out their website!

Also in the comments, let me know what you think about Kilwin’s, their ice cream, and their branding!

– Aliyah Harris