Targeting Spring Break

Spring break signifies the most existing time for college students, traveling to a different location losing all inhibitions with their closet friends. There is a long list of extravagant destinations that interest spring breakers, including Las Vegas, Miami, Jamaica, Daytona Beach, and Lake Havasu. Before you decided where you wanted to go and who you wanted to be around there was an additional presence already established, advertisers. Advertising to students on spring break used to be a simple process, in which a company would set up a booth, pass out product samples and t-shirts. But now converting to a stage for increasingly expensive and advanced advertising campaigns. So what all do the big name companies like Coca-Cola, Axe, Gillette, and Malibu have to do with spring break?

Marketers who establish authority in spring break areas hope to reach 18- to 24-year-olds, who are resistant to traditional advertising and associate their brands with positive memories during the vacations. There are many approaches that companies take to advertise and market their products or services for spring break. During the month of March, these big-time companies spend over $75 million alone to market to college students during the break. I want to share with you a few of these tactics’ companies utilize.

Social Media:

Social media is always a solid foundation to approach for a marketing plan. Snapchat being the most utilized amongst college students, 77% to be exact, companies want to emphasize their use of it. Snapchat helps the companies by sending out mass media messaging that reaches thousands at a time, geofilters. Geofilters can market promotions, contents, distribution locations, and trendy sights that are popular in the area.

Sponsor Events:

It is understood that college students leave for spring break with the intention to have fun and celebrate a week off from college responsibilities. Many of the companies will sponsor celebrity events. From these events, the companies are able to gain traction with their target audience because their brand will give insight that the celebrities support and trust their product or service.


Free stuff is a definite way to leave a positive impression on thousands of spring breakers. Hats, frisbees, koozies, t-shirts, bags, and sunglasses, is just a few of the many giveaways these companies will put their logo on and give to students. This may seem to be an outdated tactic but sometimes sticking to their root’s method works. The students think they are getting free stuff; however, this is the case, but these companies see it as them slowly being able to create brand recognition and trust.

Now that I have explained to you the tactics companies use to market during spring break, do you have a favorite in which you have noticed works best?

Spring Break sign

-Ashley Sinclair