Watch Out Influencers, There’s A New “Girl” In Town: Why I’m Thinking Twice About Supporting Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices, an athletic wear brand that believes in #DoingThings together, has received acclaim and praise for posting photos on their social pages that aren’t edited. Outdoor Voices mission is that they, “believe in going out and Doing Things. Moving our bodies and having fun. Let’s let go of our expectations, rules, shoulds and should nots. Let’s have fun, be free, make discoveries, make friends, and make progress. Let’s start #DoingThings together”. Similar to brands like Aerie, Outdoor Voices’ celebration of all body types made them appealing, and their trendy workout sets are a plus too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.45.48 PM                                                                                                 Photos from: @Outdoorvoices

Outdoor Voices has recently partnered with a CGI Instagram influencer @Lilmiquela, which is where my problem lies. Created by a startup company in L.A. called, Brud, Lil Miquela depicts a 19 year-old girl who is very much “on trend”. But that’s just the thing she DEPICTS a 19 year-old girl—Lil Miquela isn’t real, but if her followers don’t know that, she’s creating a false hope for younger girls who aspire to be just like her.

Why would Outdoor Voices, a company that celebrates the realness, diversity, and authenticity found in body types partner with something that is fake? It seems a little paradoxical to me.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.37.04 PM                                                                                                     Photo from: @Lilmiquela

Outdoor Voices partnered with Lil Miquela in a recent Instagram campaign that has Lil Miquela repping an Outdoor Voices athletic dress. Tyler Haney, Outdoor Voices CEO, in a recent interview with CNN says that her company likes to be “experimental”, but partnering with a fake influencer is a little too much.

What’re your thoughts on Outdoor Voices partnering with Lil Miquela?