Who Will Win: The Oscars…or The Controversy?


First and foremost, we can all agree this past year was filled with its fair share of exceptional movies. However, this has not guaranteed a smooth journey for the 2019 Oscars.

In fact, over the last few months, the Academy found itself entangled in so much controversy, it has many viewers worried for the upcoming awards show. From the Kevin Hart host conundrum, to the commercial break madness, and the immediate scrapping of the new (but not improved) “Popular Film” category, there is a possibility the 91st Academy Awards will not be one for the books.


Without a doubt, the largest controversy surrounding the Oscars was the Kevin Hart situation a few months back. All plans were set to proceed for the comedian and his hosting gig, until a homophobic tweet he wrote a decade ago unearthed itself and went viral. Naturally, this left fans divided, and led to Kevin Hart’s permanent removal from the show.

Not long after this decision, the Academy stated there would be no host at all for the awards- a move that has not been done for 30 years.

There was also a public outcry when it was announced that four categories would be aired during commercial breaks. More specifically, these categories are: Cinematography, Editing, Live-action Short, and Makeup and Hairstyling. According to the Academy, the idea was to shave 30 minutes off the original program length of three and a half hours (a choice made after many viewers stated the show was too long).

Only question is, will it be a worthy trade-off?

But one of the most puzzling parts of this year’s controversial Oscars was the announcement of the new category “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film”. Thinking it was just another way to hype up mainstream films and bounce back from 2018’s record low ratings, the public reacted negatively to the news. This further prompted the category to disappear without a second thought.

Alas, it seems the Oscars has many expectations to stack up to. Perhaps we are the true critics this year.

-Kristen Weiderman