A Meme Is Born

History repeats itself, we all know that. In our everyday lives and especially in the movie industry. Many movies we see now are remakes of originals, which either came out when I was a kid, or even before my time. I give props to the original, simply because they obviously did something right the first time, making people want to slightly revamp allowing for relatability to present day.

A Star Is Born is a thrice-remade movie expressing the instant connection between a peaking, addicted musician and a newly discovered, soon-to-be rock star. The ins and outs of this film all sought out by Bradley Cooper himself, and I think we’re all grateful for that considering he showcased his singing ability, on top of his incredibly good looks. One notable difference from Cooper’s version is that he personally asked Lady Gaga to co-star in the film with him, leading them to countless numbers of nominations and awards, one including the most memed movie all time.

It’s no secret memes have become a large part of our communication tactics. They’re a creative way of sharing and expressing, while trying to promote our name. Through Cooper’s efforts with A Star Is Born has been incorporated to many media pieces we have seen in the past.


I would like to thank Bradley Cooper first for the incredible accent he had in the film, and second for recreating a movie that really hits every emotion. I would also like to thank the people who take time to create memes for basically everything we see nowadays. Memes really have provided us with a different way of revisiting monumental moments in history and allowing them to never die.

-Laiken McManigal