Celebrate SAD

You did it! You scrolled through all the sappy captions on Instagram, saw all the stories of flowers and chocolate on snapchat, and even withstood the surprise proposal video on Facebook. As a member of the single’s club, you survived Valentine’s Day.

new girl

So, what’s in it for you?

Every year, February 15th is known as Single’s Awareness Day (that’s right, the acronym is “SAD”). On this day, single people everywhere celebrate their singleness by exchanging gifts with one another, mingling, and appreciating each other’s friendship.

Here are some simple ways to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day:

Go see a movie with friends! Whether you stay in and find a Netflix original or go to your local theater, spend time laughing (or screaming) with your fellow single pals. Let it serve as a reminder of how great your friendships are. It will leave you more thankful for your friends than pitiful about your love life.

Show someone kindness or love who needs it. Pay for the person’s coffee in front of you, hold the door for the person behind you, or compliment a stranger. Small acts like this go along way. It could be just what a person needs who may have had a rough Valentine’s Day, just like you.

Allow yourself to indulge. Buy the shirt, eat another cookie, sleep in the extra hour, etc. Whatever you choose to do, keep it within reason and see it as a way of acknowledging your singleness. Give yourself some grace and celebrate your independence!

Lastly, affirm your friends and the people you care about through words, gifts, time, etc. Let them know how much they mean to you. Even though you may not have a valentine, hopefully have people in your life who you love and trust. This is the perfect opportunity to show them appreciation.

Don’t let February 15th become a pity party. Celebrate the non-romantic relationships in your life and let gratitude be your guide! Happy SAD…how will you celebrate?

-Brooke Sanderson