Coming to an End



As I write this post, i’m in total disbelief that my time at UNCW is coming to an end. Tomorrow, I will walk out of my last college class ever. I walked into UNCW as a shy transfer student, and I will leave as a successful graduate with a full-time position at a Marketing Agency.

The road to finding my niche wasn’t an easy one. During my entire time at UNCW I was working full-time and going to school full-time. This was not an easy schedule but somehow, my friends that I made during my time here always managed to pick me back up. Many late nights, long sighs, and lots of multi-tasking have a huge roll to play in this.

More importantly, though, I have to say that the confidence in myself and the idea of walking across the stage has me glowing from the inside out. The professors in the COM department taught me a lot- but mainly they taught me confidence. Confidence in an interview, confidence in a group, confidence in life. I could not speak in front of an audience before I came to UNCW, nonetheless give an entire presentation.

If I could give anyone advice before they graduate, it would be to take your time. Take your time in your classes, take your time with your friends, your work. Present things that you can be proud of, and in-turn, don’t forget to be proud of yourself. Don’t wish time away, because it will be over before you know it. Take advantage of the opportunities the COM department extends, and don’t be afraid to ask any of them for help.. even if it is with your personal budget. (Thanks, Dr. McDaniel).

UNCW gave me so much more than an education, it gave me the stepping stones for the rest of my life.

Good luck to all my fellow Seahawks, To UNCW, I’ll see you soon.


-Kelsey Holmes