Cyber Monday – The Best Event of the Year


Move over Black Friday; it is Cyber Monday! Say goodbye to broken ribs, brawls in Walmart and camping in front of department stores. Black Friday madness is no joke and can be dangerous to participate. Thank god we have the internet now and can entirely skip the long lines and rude customers and order online. Cyber Monday has taken the Internet by storm, each year getting bigger and bigger! Cyber Monday also represents the most critical day of the year for any marketer that wants to hook their business into the digital retail environment.


Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving and pretty much every online store offers impressive sales and discounts. It is any shopaholic’s heaven. Many people are opting out of Black Friday shopping and waiting for Cyber Monday to get all their Christmas shopping out of the way, who doesn’t love shopping in their pajamas? Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday has become the go-to shopping day for techies, lovers of electronics, and, yes, mobile shoppers, too. 2017’s Cyber Monday saw mobile internet’s first 2 billion dollar day, according to Business Insider, while BigCommerce merchants experienced their highest sales week ever. Here are some more interesting statistics on the success Cyber Monday has become.

  • Cyber Monday 2017 was the most significant single day of online shopping in U.S. history, according to CNBC. Digital transactions totaled $16.9 billion, an increase of 16.8% from the year before.
  • According to MarketingLand, more and more consumers are switching to online shopping during the holidays to avoid the mad dash of foot traffic.
  • By just 10 a.m. on Cyber Monday 2017, customers had already bought nearly a billion dollars’ worth of goods online.
  • Millennials have become the biggest spenders during the holiday weekend, spending over $400 per person.


Perhaps you are wondering how this incredible holiday sale started? Well, it all began in 2005 by the marketing team at for the existence of Cyber Monday. Promoting sales online was not always successful and took a long time to catch on. At first Cyber Monday did not even rank in the top ten sales days of the year. Nowadays this sales holiday is the most popular retail holiday of the year.

Due to the significances of Cyber Monday and the holiday season, online retailers better have it together when the digital rush begins. When Cyber Monday rolls around, you’ll want your site to be responsive, mobile-compatible, and most importantly: Up and running. There are a few ways online businesses are making sure their websites will be up to par when this holiday comes around. Check out these tips:

  • Site Speed: Check out Google’s developmental tools to run a speed test and get to the bottom of what might be causing load times to lag.
  • Uptime: Nothing works unless your site does–but you won’t always be there to check. Use a service like Uptime Robot to begin monitoring your site for downtime.
  • Mobile compatibility: With a majority of Cyber Monday purchases potentially coming through mobile channels, it’s never been more critical to ensure your site can handle mobile traffic.
  • Run a free compatibility test with Google. Even if you’re ready to handle mobile purchases, this site will help you diagnose slow-loading pages.


Make sure to check out all your favorite online stores this Cyber Monday and cross off those items on your Christmas list! You will not want to miss out on the best deals of the entire year!

-Lizzy Regnery