Finals Week Preparation

Prepping for Finals


We come off of Thanksgiving break with our stomach’s happy as can be and our minds are now a bit more clear from the craziness of the Florence semester. There are two weeks left of classes to show professors what we can do. All of the hard work and dedication from this semester is finally paying off. Everyone should feel proud of themselves that we have all grinded through another semester. The finish line is in close sights!


As we come up on our final days of classes for the semester, the vibe on campus will begin to change because of the dreaded F word… Finals. They can either make or break all of your hard work throughout the semester. I don’t say that to scare you I personally had to learn the hard way my freshman year of college because I didn’t take it serious enough. That is why finals are on a whole different level than just your average exam.


From a seniors’ point of view I would like to share some personal pointers when prepping for finals so that you can have the best experience possible, especially if this is your first time getting ready for finals week.


  1. Try your best to stay healthy

This is a huge point that is very important for finals week because nothing is worse than being sick and having to go into class feeling terrible trying to take your exam. Drink lots of water, take vitamin C, wash your hands consistently and dress appropriately for the cold weather so that you can avoid the germs as much as possible!



  1. Find which way of studying best fits you

Everyone has their own way of studying. Some people prefer to go to the second level of the library and study quietly by themselves. This is a great way to steer clear of any distractions (food, Netflix, pets) you might have if you were back at your dorm/apartment. Others prefer the first floor with a group of friends to study with. Some people can study in the comfort of their dorm or apartment. Either of these atmosphere’s are great and I like to switch between all of them. Which best fits you?


  1. Reward yourself!

Finals week is definitely stressful so it’s important to take breaks in between studying. Some people prefer to pull an all-nighter and others don’t. Doing the simplest things in between studying can really make you feel more energized when you get back to it! What are some things that you do to reward yourself?


At the end of the day, finals are about doing your best. Remember we only have finals 8 times out of the 4 years that we are in college. Take those 4 years that go by faster than you can blink and learn as much as you can until you are out in the working world as an adult. Work hard, be proud in all that you have accomplished and you might actually end up liking the F word (finals).


-Katie Woodard