It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s A UNCW Seahawk

S-P-I-R-I-T, Spirit, let’s hear it!

Have you ever been curious as to where we got our fabulous school spirit and pride? The answers might surprise you…or at least peak your interest in the school we all know and love.


As students at this great university, we often show our support and school pride by wearing our school colors or sporting the UNCW seahawk. Did you know that our beloved color teal was not one of our original colors at all? It wasn’t until 2009 when Chancellor DePaolo and other university officials declared teal as our primary color. UNCW’s first batch of signature colors were the classic kelly green and yellow. These colors were actually decided upon by a group of students and were supposed to symbolize the ocean and the sand across the shore. However, there are many schools and teams that also showcase green and yellow as their own. In 1992 navy blue was added to enhance marketing opportunity and three years later, our current teal, gold, and blue were introduced as our brand.


Although learning or knowing about our school colors may seem arbitrary, it is important to all aspects of what make our beloved school more than just a place of education. UNCW is a place we as students and members of a community can come together as one, to learn and grow as people and to be united as Seahawks. Our university has come a long way from their green and yellow beginning, and so have the members that make it up.

Today you can find Seahawk gear in all kinds of colors, ranging from blue, to grey, to even pink. If you are interested in purchasing UNCW spirit or learn more on our schools history or traditions check out these cites:

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– Olivia Austin