UNCW: A Typical Beach Community?

UNC by the Sea? UNC Wrightsville? The University of North Carolina Wilmington has heard it all. Being located in a popular beach town, UNCW has often been branded as a typical “beach school”. Students walk barefoot down Chancellor’s Walk, ready to catch a tan and surf the biggest waves after class; the typical stereotype of a UNCW student. But, UNCW has much more to offer.

UNCW takes priority in providing students with a quality education. With over 60 majors across 5 different schools on campus, the university has plenty to offer students wishing to pursue a higher education. UNCW also makes sure that the students are a priority. Students should get the experience that they pay for. Giving students the opportunities to build a community with one another, UNCW makes sure that their students have fun and stay engaged through various campus organizations, clubs, and events that bring students the best experiences possible.

As a university mascot, the Seahawk represents the true nature of UNCW’s students- the drive to soar for success. As Seahawks, we are not afraid to take the steps necessary to better our futures. Whether we know it or not, the Seahawk will always be an important part of our own personal brand. UNCW has taken great strides to make sure that the university brand is something that is taken serious. The university makes sure that they hold themselves to high expectations regarding the quality of their academics and campus life compared to its perception as a “chill”, “laid back” school for beach goers.


–Logan Matthews