‘Tis the Season for IMC

Impressive Holiday IMC Campaigns

During this time of the year holiday marketing campaigns are in full swing and they are starting earlier and earlier every year. As soon as Halloween is over there is a flood of businesses cashing in on the holiday frenzy. IMC campaigns have to stand out from the overwhelming holiday ads that are coming at consumers from multiple communication channels. Nonetheless brands can bank during the holidays if they execute their plan well; despite the scrooges like me who wish we could just have one holiday at a time.


While the season gives marketers an easy theme to build on, integrated marketing campaigns can still be tricky. We live in a multi-media world, which means that new media and old media have to work together.  A consistent brand message across multiple channels and frequency of communications are important for a campaign. Let’s take a look at some impressive holiday IMC campaigns from past years:

1. Budweiser: #HolidayBuds Campaign

This brand never fails to entertain us no matter what the occasion, but their #HolidayBuds campaign tapping into the Millennial hipster action was spot on.  They created their own vintage style crates that included 18 bottles and two pilsner glasses. They encouraged people to share their photos with them across social channels like Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.

HolidayBuds campaign

2. Coca-Cola Canada: Peace on Earth…Or at Least the Mall

Coca-Cola’s 2016 campaign used the concept that Coke could create peace during the crazy holiday frenzy.  This was something that was totally relatable to their target audience. They posted the video to their social media feeds.  The idea was clever, charming and brought a positive feeling toward the brand.

3. Walmart: #WellWishes Campaign

Walmart campaignWalmart tapped into the season of giving with a partnership with Kraft and a $1 dollar donation with every purchase going to the Children’s Miracle Network.  The hashtag #Wellwishes was used to send personal well wishes to children in need.  People love to help others, especially during the holidays.   Consumers felt like they were doing their part by donating with their purchases.  This was a very heartwarming campaign that was all about spreading the love.


4. Starbucks: Red Cup Campaign

starbucks cups

Starbucks has been running this campaign for years.  In 2007 they encouraged consumers to pass on the cheer with illustrations on the red cups showing acts of kindness. In 2011 they embraced the digital innovation creating Apps for iPhone and Android users allowing customers to animate their red cup. Then in 2016 Starbucks crowdsourced ideas from customers for the Red Cup designs. This campaign personalized the customer experience brilliantly and that is what influences purchasing decisions.  Starbucks made that red cup much more than a cup.

These brands explore all cornerstones of IMC creatively.  Implementing tactics that enhance the customer experience and their overall brand. One of the major things I appreciate the most is they make it a fun experience. So this holiday season enjoy these great examples and just be merry and have a fun holiday season!

-Shannon Settlemyre