HALLOWEEN:A Breakdown of the Billion Dollar Holiday

pumpkin money

Tis the season of cool weather, jack o lanterns, costumes and lots of candy!  Halloween is FINALLY here!  A whopping 175 million Americans participate in various Halloween activities every year. Isn’t that crazy? With millions of Americans participating in the spooky holiday this year,businesses looking to cash in this year are in for a big treat. The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates spending will hit a record breaking number this year. Consumers are predicted to spend……drum roll please… 9 BILLION DOLLARS! Yes you read that correctly 9 BILLION.

halloween candy

Brands love to capitalize on holidays especially on Halloween. Businesses all across America create very specific marketing campaigns for the month of October. Halloween gives big brands the opportunity to do things they normally wouldn’t do, which is exciting for us because we get to see some really cool integrated marketing communication. For example, Snickers has got the Halloween game down. They have released several campaigns throughout the years and they’re all five star. Have you seen the exorcist one? Or maybe the one with the old lady at the super market? Those are just a few of their successful campaigns but their most famous was the Horseless Headman, a silly play on words that turned out to be a hit. Its no wonder candy company’s like Snickers spend tons of money on adverting at Halloween; consumers are predicted

Consumers also drop billions of dollars on Halloween costumes every year. Costumes are by far the most expensive part of Halloween. Americans will spend 3.2 billion dollars on costumes this year……and the craziest part is most people wont wear it but once. The costume industry also relies heavy on integrated marketing communication, with high demand brings high competition. Big brands compete around Halloween so its important for companies to use effective marketing communication strategies to pull in more sales.


halloween house

Who doesn’t love walking into a house with fun decor that brings out the holiday spirit? Another American favorite thing to buy at Halloween is decorations. Stores all across the country load up on Halloween decorations around the month of October and build campaigns that emphasize the emotional appeal decorations brings to your home. Halloween is now the second biggest decorating holiday of the year, right behind Christmas, so its no wonder it brings in billions of dollars in revenue.

Well Seahawks that’s your Halloween billion dollar breakdown! Next time your watching T.V., reading a magazine, or on social media pay close attention to the marketing campaigns big brands like Snickers place around Halloween. Holidays like Halloween shed light on how important having effective communication and marketing tactics is when there is billions of dollars up for grabs!



Erin Duncan