Social Media Marketing Through the LaBrant Family.

When making your Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Vine account you never imagine that it would be possible to become famous. Every day people are earning money by posting photos on their Instagram’s. Companies pay large amounts to these social media “celebrities” advertise their products. People are making a living off posting a single photo holding a Coke bottle or a Dunkin Donut’s coffee. How did each of these people get this lifestyle, and can I sign up for it? Today I want to focus on one family that rose to fame over social media and continue as social media influencers today.

Cole LaBrant, a small-town boy from Troy, Alabama never imagined that his claim to fame would be the creation of a twerking group on Vine. In 2013 Dem White Boyz was formed, a group consisting of: Cole LaBrant, John Grice, and Baylor Barnes. Dem White Boyz took Vine by storm with their videos, quickly becoming a heartthrob for girls everywhere. I know I am not the only one who loved their videos. Check out this link to see some of their most popular vines. Dem White Boyz would later fizzle out but Cole managed to stay in the public eye. He began posting Vines with his younger siblings, Tate and Lily. Even after the ever so sad demise of Vine, Cole continued posting his videos on Instagram. He continues to post dance videos with his now daughter, Everleigh.


Savannah LaBrant, previously Soutas, rose to fame through (now known as TikTok). Savannah posted’s with her adorable daughter grabbing the hearts of people everywhere. She became the top ‘Muser’ on the app in 2016, beating out several other stars. Savannah has always been open about her faith and her love for Jesus. She received large amounts of backlash when falling pregnant with her daughter Everleigh, but she did not let this tear her down. Even after receiving backlash Savannah managed to reach a new group of fans. Since building a following Savannah has become a social media influencer. She advertises for several companies, some well known and some not. Savannah often posts photos with Everleigh modeling clothing for ModerneChild, Flexi Lexi Fitness, and Swirl Boutique. She has also posted pictures advertising products for companies such as Secret Deodorant, Target, and SugarBearHair.


Savannah and Cole would later meet and take the world by storm with their cute family videos and photos. They are both very open about their religion and love for Jesus, but this did not stop the controversy when an otherwise “innocent” Cole announced his relationship with Savannah. Relationship issues aside the couple were clearly in love and people everywhere loved them together. Maybe it was the relationship Cole quickly developed with Everleigh, or maybe it was their beautiful family photos, either way, they gained the love of people everywhere. The family has become successful by posting vlogs on their YouTube channel as well as sponsored advertisements.


Since gaining a large and loyal following the LaBrant family are now able to market towards people everywhere. Cole and Savannah wrote a book on how they met and how their relationship developed. The LaBrant family uses their social media following to market their own products. Savannah often posts pictures of her and Everleigh, showcasing items from her clothing line. Both their book and clothing line have seen a great amount of success through social media marketing.


-Kaylee Earp