Sea you later.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say in this post. It’s still really weird to think about the fact that this is my last semester of college and that I’ll be graduating in….like…a week!?

When I entered college, I knew I wanted to do something with graphic design, but not graphic design, something with writing, but not English or creative writing. My mom suggested I try communication studies. My first college class ~ever~ was COM 101, public speaking, with Mr. Bollinger. Most people might be a little turned away when their ~first college class ever~ is public speaking, but not me! It made me excited to see what else my potential major held. After COM 105, with Dr. Weber, I was sold. As I’ve moved through different classes in the major, I realized that COM is seriously everything that I loved wrapped into one lovely little department.

I discovered at the end of the 2017 fall semester that I wouldn’t be staying at UNCW all four years like I planned, I was able to graduate a full year early. To say this was shock to me was an understatement, I was at first sad to be leaving, I still am, but it also opened so many new opportunities to me.

Since I was mainly taking 400 level classes with other seniors, I was able make new friends who were on the same track that I was. Not that my junior level friends weren’t good friends, they just weren’t in the same stage of life and that made things hard at first.  Honestly, taking COM 438 this semester is one of the best choices I made because I got to meet so many new people who shared my interests and didn’t think I was weird because I liked to make memes of my professors. In fact, they took my memes and put it on social media.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.26.30 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 4.30.51 PM

Yes, I made that. Hello, I’m the meme creator. You’re welcome.

I have learned more in college than just how to make dank memes (although that might be my top skill on a resume). I’ve learned how important it is to connect with those who share your interests, I hate networking, but it’s one of the best things you can do during your time in college. I also learned that networking opportunities are hard to come by, so go to COM Studies Week.

*confession: this was the first year I ever went to COM Studies Day/Week. sorry, Dr. Persuit*

So yes, GO! Make the most of the opportunities UNCW and the COM Department provides you because otherwise their few and far in between.

I wouldn’t change anything about my experience at UNCW for anything and I cannot think of a better major than communication studies. Fall in love with what you are learning and doing, it’ll make life a lot easier.


Sea you later, UNCW.

Logan Prochaska