Growing Up Is Not A Choice

Grad Quote

You can picture it in your head a thousand times, but never do you actually think it’s going to happen. Graduation is two weeks away and I still don’t think it’s real. As a senior they say that your last year will be easy and that it is the best year of your life (maybe a second close to freshman year). But it is not. It is hard, you are under a lot of pressure, and there are so many projects and final presentations before you actually have a chance to walk across stage.

I have been at UNCW for three years, I came here as a transfer student from ECU and I will be graduating college a year early. I am pretty proud of myself. I have made so many relationships and friendships and there are so many people I am going to miss. While being young and mature, there are some things that others don’t tell you when you are in college. So for you, and for those around you, let me give you a little advice.

Be Reckless

You have the opportunity to be a kid for the last time, don’t take it for granted; but also don’t ignore your responsibilities.

Make Friends

Go above and beyond to meet people. You never know who they might turn out to be in your life and what they can eventually do for you.

Don't Settle

Don’t be that person that settles for your grade. Don’t settle for some job just because it is nice to have the security of being employed. Get what you deserve out of life, but don’t be prude.

Over Ambition is Never A Bad Thing

Aim high for your dreams. Don’t stress out about how you are going to get there; first you have to want it enough to try. But don’t put down others to get there.

Don't Have A Big Ego

No one likes someone who thinks that his or her work or his or her way is the best way. Don’t think too much of yourself because sometimes it is damaging to your relationships and can potentially damage your future.


I know that this is a hard one, but try your best. Don’t be to over anxious because it can damage your health. Just know that with the pile up of projects, papers, and presentations, you will get through it and it will all be over one day.

While graduation is stressful and crazy within itself, it is also sad because now you are going into the real world. I will always be a Seahawk but never will I ever be an undergraduate student going to house parties and acting reckless because I am young and I can. It is time to grow up and sometimes I am ready and sometimes I am not.

Alas, whether you are ready or not, the time is here.

Good luck hawks. Wings Up!

-Kristan Cottle