8 thoughts on “Capitalizing on Content Creation for Corporations

  1. It’s interesting that in this graphic it is mentioned that the process of product placement and advertising is really a win-win scenario. I’m not sure if it can really be generalized that this process is a win-win scenario for the consumers. It is not guaranteed that the product that is advertised is really a “cool new product”. It definitely has the potential to be a win-win scenario if the content providers ensure that the products they endorse are top quality, but I’m not sure if content providers are always so conscientious.

  2. I really like this graphic! You made the process of content creation very easy to understand, and it is easy to read.

  3. This graphic was very attention- grabbing. You were able to show what advertisers, content creators, and us as consumers are getting out of brands. I think its important for us as consumers to realize how brands are now using social platforms to reach out now.

  4. I like the graphics, its very easy to follow and the colors are consistent which is easy on the eyes. It isn’t always a “win-win” scenario due to what audience they are targetting, but when targetting the intended audience and grabbing their attention, then yes, it can be a “win-win”, but a lot of advertisers still have to pay to put their advertisements out which would be something I would add to this. 🙂

  5. This graphic reminds me of a concept that is gaining more and more traction everyday– sites like Influenster take the same idea of using content creators to provide promotion, but reverse the last two steps. Instead of having your favorite beauty guru use and/or review a new product on social media, you get the product for free as part of a monthly campaign and a promise to review the product on social media. That method is even more of a win-win for consumers and producers: the producers get free advertising, and the consumer doesn’t have to decide whether or not to actually buy the product they would have seen via social media.

  6. I love this graphic design! It makes it easy to understand how everyone benefits from advertising. It is also eye catching to the public. Great job!

  7. The graphic, very colorful and full of brands people would recognize. However it is little jumbled and hard to see the message they are trying to display, has a lot of detractions in the twitter part especially.

  8. This is a great infographic! It is easy to follow and gives good examples that a lot of people have seen already and the might not have even noticed it. Dollar Shave Club and Audible seem to sponsor almost everyone because their return on investment seems to be very high when they find the right channels or content creators. Content creators receive validation that they are creating something tangible or relatable when these brands offer them these advertising spots. The viewer also usually receives a good discount on a product they might have been on the fence about or something they wouldn’t usually justify buying.

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