2 thoughts on “Nothing Sells Like Soap

  1. This informational ad seems to have too much going on. From the busy background, informal typography, to the layout of each text box and photo, the flow seems to be off. The actual information is very interesting, but I wish the overall design was more cohesive and was more simple to take in the information easier.

  2. The fact that Ivory soap was the focus of the first attempt at authentic advertising was quite interesting, to say the least. Though the fact that the product was seriously marketed as a “ray of light across our darkened way” in its advertisements. Although I suppose I, as well as the current population, should be glad that soap was so widely marketed and that basic hygiene and cleanliness became a norm for the public as a result. It really is remarkable how advertising has the ability to influence the choices of an entire population, even when the ads are simple like the ones used for Ivory soap.

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