11 thoughts on “Adblockalypse Now

  1. While ads can be annoying when they are always in your face, I feel like ads are important to the world we live in. They were such a part of our daily lives until people started using ad-blocking software when you’re on the internet or stream off of Netflix to watch shows where there are no ads.

  2. I don’t use an ad blocking software, but I can say I’m definitely annoyed by them. The intended purpose of ads are to catch my attention and sell me something, but I’m ultimately more annoyed by the companies that get in the way of me and whatever I’m looking at, so I end up resenting the brand, product, etc. I think in the past pop up ads really would catch people’s attention, but I think that nowadays we are more or less desensitized to the advertisers desired effect. I would love to know the statistics for how many people pay for premium services, like on Pandora, for example, just for the purposes of avoiding ads.

  3. Actually seeing these statistics in front of me really puts it into perspective. I will admit that I do not enjoy watching ads all of the time, but if me watching a 30 second ad or seeing one pop up on occasion means 21.8 billion more dollars can be made, I would be willing to deal with some unwanted advertisements.

  4. Wow I had no idea that such a large amount of people also hate ads. The statistic that shocked me the most was that there was a much larger amount of people in Europe that use ad-blocking software as opposed to in America (1 in 10 in America vs 1 in 4 in Europe). Great post!

  5. I hate ads as much as the next person, but what I did not even think about is the amount of money companies lose from adblockers. Who ever came up with adblockers are genius because they are essentially making money to take away money from other companies.

  6. I did not realize this many people use ad-blocking software. I don’t enjoy watching a 30 second ad on youtube but I tolerate it. This makes me think of “The Persuaders” documentary we were assigned this week, that talked about how people become immune to some forms of advertising at a certain point.

  7. I find it crazy how so many people are becoming tired of advertisement even to the point of buying ad-blockers. I did not know how big these numbers were. We can only expect these numbers to rise in the next few years.

  8. Wow, these statistics really helped put this into perspective. I get extremely annoyed whenever I see ads, especially those 30 second ones that play before YouTube videos. I have actually gotten used to banner ads, because I feel like they’re on just about every web page I’m on. I also think they’re easier to ignore. The fact that people hate ads so much that they install ad-blockers just shows that this type of advertising might not be wise. It’ll be interesting to see if companies will choose to advertise differently in the future, or to just keep annoying us.

  9. Seeing these statistics really shows me how annoying ads are. I don’t have ad-blockers but seeing that a lot of people do really makes me question what the point of these ads are. It’ actually sad to see the amount of money these companies lose from ad-blockers but I guess if people are annoyed then they will find a way to fix that. I understand ads are sometimes really helpful and they are going to be everywhere around us for a while but I wish there was a way they weren’t so annoying.

  10. I too get annoyed by all the ads that pop up on the screen when I go to a webpage. I am even one of those people who have adblocker software on my computer. I never would have thought that this many people have ad blocker programs on their computer. This graphic is very eye opening to how the computer industry and marketing over the computers is. The amount of ads that are on the webpage someone is on can be astronomical. Though this is the easiest way and the best way for a company to reach the consumer because everyone is now online. I never in a million years would think that millions of people are blocking these ads therefore hurting the company by downloading this software. Hopefully advertising companies can find a solution their problem of annoying people to download a program that blocks their ad. I think it is bound to happen in the future and there will always be something there to make it harder for these companies advertising.

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