Can We Please Talk About Alexa?!

Ok. So. If you didn’t see this INSANELY GREAT commercial, I suggest you do. Here it is:

And there’s actually another one that’s just as funny:


Amazon did a great job targeting its demographic, especially in the celebrities they chose to be “Alexa’s” voice.

Gordon Ramsay is the chef that tells everyone how awful they are at cooking and calls them names. We love it. On twitter people ask him to rate food they’ve created and he tears them to shreds. Again, we love it.001


Cardi B is relevant to us because she is literally everywhere. You can hear her all over the radio and she has a strong social media presence. People definitely know who she is.


Rebel Wilson brings the type of humor that you don’t always see on a T.V. commercial. I personally thought her part was the funniest because it was so unconventional. She fit in perfectly with the other two celebrities selected.

004Even the people they chose to be as actors throughout the commercial showed who they were targeting and I liked that they chose an adequate person based on the senario. Chef Gordon for a younger guy needing a recipe, Cardi B for a younger guy who has to know who she is and rebel Wilson for a crowd a little older but her calm voice (I think it’s her accent) really fit the scene.

Amazon did a really great job in creating this commercial. I think its brilliant. Humor is a great way to sell your product.


Izchel Padilla