Clydesdales, Colors, and Anecdotes: Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercials

For years, Budweiser has been not only giving us commercials, but giving us the feels.

Since 2011, Budweiser has released Super Bowl commercials that feature a story.  With the exception of 2016, a more brand-charged campaign year, Budweiser has consistently given us a story that pulled audiences in.  Many don’t even have to openly advertise Budweiser for us to be involved and know who is advertising.  Remember this one:

With millions of Youtube views on advertisements, Budweiser specializes in making us track the company without blatantly announcing the brand name up front.   Using story and characters that we care about, the company is able to hook our interest, but the use of the Clydesdale and red-color schemes make our minds associate the commercial with the Anheuser-Busch brand name.

Actually, in every Super Bowl ad for the last 7 years Budweiser has featured a Clydesdale, making it a more permanent than the Budweiser beer logo* which has changed more in that time.



Everyone loves a good narrative and Budweiser has continuously put itself out as a brand with passion.  From the tear-jerking puppies to the powerful horses and even to the people of Budweiser, the company has developed its advertisement campaigns to reach people in short films that provide a break from the standard, this-is-why-we’re-great commercial.

This year Budweiser may not bring out the Clydesdales, but they are definitely continuing the trend with a powerful narrative:

While we do miss the iconic animals, we’re glad Budweiser has kept the heart-wrenching stories.

-Sean Owens