Two 2017 holiday hipster trends!

2017 holidays are amongst us and this year it’s all about glitter and pineapple Christmas trees! What is with this pineapple trend! I don’t know about you guys but there is no way I’m substituting my beautiful evergreen for a fruit. I will however incorporate these yummy holiday treats I’ve read about on Pinterest! But one thing I will incorporate into my holiday season are these delicious no bake peppermint fudge energy bites! As we all know working out is big now so why not put a festive spin on those protein bars!

Recipe: only requires almonds, medjool dates, dark chocolate chips and peppermint. After a little mixing, and some time in the fridge, they’re ready to go.pinapple .jpg


3 thoughts on “Two 2017 holiday hipster trends!

  1. I love Christmas and I love food sooooo this seems like the perfect addition for a kitchen “tree”. I cannot stop laughing at its “face”. Great post, I needed the laugh! I need to hit the store now and get some supplies.

  2. This is awesome! i love a good holiday DIY especially anything with peppermint involved!! Also the pineapple christmas tree is adorable very creative!!

  3. I am a Christmas fanatic. You could basically call me buddy the elf, so I agree with you that there is absolutely no way I would use a pineapple instead of my traditional Christmas tree. I’ve always thought of pineapple as a summertime treat, not something I would think about around the holidays. I do agree that putting a glittery pineapple in the kitchen would be a festive idea, maybe even for year round@

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