Total Taylor Shift


Taylor Swift, a global pop culture icon and musician, was known as a sweet innocent country artist. When she began her career, her songs quickly gained recognition and she immediately assimilated a loyal fan base. Since the release of her third studio album, Red, the music sensation has transformed her musical style and the way she brands herself.

The media targeted Swift shortly after her rise in popularity. She became known as a ‘heartbreaker’ because she seemingly generated tragic romances, which were the inspiration for many of her songs. She used the media coverage of her unfortunate circumstances, to make a transition from innocent country singer to unapologetic pop sensation.

Her latest album, Reputation, which released on November 10th, is a musical expression of her fight against the media chatter, which, coincidentally, was self-inflicted most of the time.

In her attempt to hang on to the musical trends, has Taylor Swift abandoned her true self, or is she just now showing it to the world? How authentic is Taylor Swift’s brand?

~ Ben Yerby



One thought on “Total Taylor Shift

  1. Despite my personal distaste for Taylor Swift, I think whoever is running the show for her is a genius. Even people who hate Taylor Swift and anything she has ever stood for, still know her music because she is the biggest name in music behind Beyonce. Even her most recent album, which many fans have labeled as her worst album musically, is played on a constant loop on the radio. Taylor Swift is a sensation and people love to hate her which she has used to her advantage for her business.

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