Black Friday: As Told By The Office

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As soon as the holiday décor is out, the marketing for Black Friday is soon to follow. It’s America’s biggest shopping day of the year, and over the years it has become a holiday in itself. Stores are opening as early as Thanksgiving Day, and companies like Amazon recently announced Black Friday deals would be available November 17th, a whole week ahead of schedule.

The term “Black Friday” was coined in the 1950s in Philadelphia to describe the chaos that ensued from the hoards of shoppers that came into the city the Friday after Thanksgiving. Despite the negative connotation that was once attached to this day, retailers and brands were able to market Black Friday as a day that benefitted customers through the sales that were offered. This retail holiday is now the start of a sales filled four-day event, starting with Black Friday and followed by Small Business Saturday/Sunday and Cyber Monday.

While most of us criticize Black Friday, we are just as guilty by participating in this notorious American “holiday.” Whether or not you choose to partake in this year’s Black Friday festivities, here’s what to expect as told by none other than the employees of Dunder Mifflin.

1. The minute you wake up on Friday morning exhausted, still in a food coma, and realize this was a terrible idea.GIF 5.gif

2. You struggle to find a parking spot that’s close to the entrance, so you settle for one that’s a mile away and make the trek back to the mall in the freezing cold.GIF 3.gif

3. You see long lines wrapped around the building and overhear people talking about how they’ve been here since midnight.
GIF 4.gif

4. It doesn’t matter where you go because you’re constantly surrounded by tons of people, and everyone is testing your patience. GIF 19.gif

5. Store displays are decorated with bows and garland and “All I Want for Christmas Is You” playing on the speakers – but you’re still recovering from Thanksgiving.GIF 9.gif

6. You make it to your favorite store to get those shoes you had your eye on, only to find out they are completely sold out and all hope is lost.GIF 10.gif
7. You try another store, and in the distance you see those same pair of shoes you so desperately want – and you do everything to make sure you get them.GIF 8.gif

8. You knock over two racks of clothes and jump over a small child, but you manage to beat another shopper to the punch. You finally get your hands on those shoes, and you feel nothing but success.
GIF 12.gif

9. Your Black Friday adventure leaves you feeling satisfied and accomplished – until you check your bank account.GIF 6.gif

10. You have remorse over the amount you spent, but remember that in three days it’s Cyber Monday. Meaning more deals, no crowds, and shopping from the comfort of your own home.GIF 14.gif

By: Lynsey Sain