As we near the Thanksgiving Holiday, advertisers are heightening the exposure of holiday ads to reach target audiences. A recent trend introduced to the market is “Friendsgiving”. Friendsgiving is now a hit with the college age demographic. It is a time for people to gather as friends and celebrate what they are thankful for! Most people are inspired during the holidays to try new recipes and host parties. Friendsgiving gives people the opportunity to gather away from the family to celebrate things such as friendship and fellowship. It is a celebration with delicious food, games, and fun!

On the downside, hosting a dinner party for your friends could potentially be stressful. No matter, marketers take the time to supply you with everything you need! Things such as cute decorations, and food ideas. For example, Whole Foods Market has dedicated an entire blog to Friendsgiving. Their wish is to help supply people with tips on organizing  parties, breaking down recipes, and selecting a menu. This is very effective because the hosts of Friendsgiving will feel less stress because of the tips. Not only will the brand reach its target audience, they also have the chance to advertise their brand. Advertising is a huge portion of the holiday season.

Another example of brands executing their adaptation to holiday trends is Amazon offering deals on Friendsgiving items such as t-shirts, frames, photo wall accessories, and decor items to set the table. Friendsgiving has become a central part of the Holiday season due to brands adopting advertising tactics to promote it.

Advertisers always find ways to adapt to their target markets. Friendsgiving is a perfect example of them doing so. This exposure does not have to be a negative thing! They want to include people and ensure that everyone has a good holiday season. So this holiday season kick back and enjoy fellowship with your best friends remembering the reason for the season!

-Hannah Smith