Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November each year, which just so happens to be November 23rd this year. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States, certain parts of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. This holiday is marketed as a day to remember how the pilgrims wanted to give thanks as they were exceptionally thankful that their crops had grown.

Over the years this holiday has become a classic way to bring families together. While it has been presented as the classic meal at grandma’s house; many restaurants have taken it upon themselves to prepare their own traditional dishes, making Thanksgiving day a well-advertised holiday.22

In the last few decades, turkey trots have been marketed as a part of the traditional Thanksgiving day. A turkey trot is a long distance run that is known for helping to burn calories before individuals go eat too much with their loved ones. The promotion of turkey trots has brought more attention to the traditional turkey filled holiday while incorporating new rituals to this classic family day. The-Turkey-Trot

The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade takes place in New York City and is classified as the world’s biggest parade. The parade is put on by the department store Macy’s and has been a way for the store to promote their brand. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has become a traditional household program to watch and is filled with entertainment, fun, and music while being a great way to kick off the Christmas holiday. macys-thanksgiving-parade

Thanksgiving has become marketed by the way individuals eat, celebrate, and shop. Though Thanksgiving has typically been known as a relaxing holiday, it has been slowly taken over by the Christmas shopping that begins at midnight and sometimes even earlier. We call this madness, Black Friday Shopping. Black Friday is known as the best day of the year to shop, as stores advertise the best deals that they can offer.


By: Michelle Conrad

10 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

  1. Wow this a great article! I never really thought about how Thanksgiving has changed into a huge marketing tool for companies and brands to exploit our interests. While not every attempt to advertise is some marketing ploy, it’s nice to be aware of the fact were being marketed too. I swear every year it feels like Christmas advertisement are starting sooner and sooner.

  2. This is a great summary of the branding of Thanksgiving. When you think about branding during the holiday season your mind automaticaclly goes to Christmas, but all holidays have a specific branding qualities that make them unique and get people to spend more money.

  3. Although this is a nice post, I believe you could have gone more in-depth with the topic. Everyone already knows about the holiday and black Friday in America. Maybe should have talked about the history or included some fun facts?

  4. I enjoyed reading this entry, because it left me super excited for the upcoming holidays! I can’t wait to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and eat the delicious food that my mom, my aunt, and I spend hours to prepare. However, the greatest memories I have about Thanksgiving was the crazy Black Friday shopping of the past! As it has made its way online over the recent years, the “thrill” of going out and watching the chaos ensue isn’t present any longer. I will definitely miss this part, that’s for sure.

  5. I have always thought about Black Friday when it comes to marketing but never really the day of Thanksgiving as much, but it definitely makes sense. I never realized how much of a marketing holiday it really is until reading this blog!

  6. Hey Michelle,
    I enjoyed your vivid images and how you gave examples of the different ways Americans celebrate Thanksgiving! My family participates in the Turkey Trot each year in Charlotte, NC! We also have a big football game later in the day called the Turkey Bowl with my whole family.

  7. so cool! lots of fun facts i never knew about thanksgiving! i thought for sure everywhere at least had they’re own version of the holiday. Never really had any desire to attend the Macy’s day parade but i am certainly interested now!

  8. You summed up Thanksgiving nicely. A holiday in which we celebrate, eat, and shop. Adding in the bit of the traditional turkey trot was interesting, because I wasn’t aware of how major that tradition was becoming. The meme at the end is also wonderfully golden because it is such a strange concept to be thankful, and then immediately wait out in the cold to run people over to get more things. I still cannot wait to go home and have a beautiful meal with my family, but will never participate in Black Friday.

  9. I love watching the Macys parade every year with my family. It has become a tradition to watch it the morning before we attend our Thanksgiving festivities. It brings back such good memories for me.

  10. I agree with you in what you said about Thanksgiving becoming more brand oriented every year due to the events that surround the holiday.

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