Stranger Things 2 Fan Reactions

On October 27th, 2017 an amazing thing happened. The release of Stranger Things 2, the most talked about netflix original. Were you wondering if your joy and obsession with this dark show is normal? Did you think your binge watching phase was a little out of hand? Did you feel a part of you missing when it ended?

Well as your friend, I am here to tell you according to majority of fan reactions it is totally normal. You are NOT alone…and “friends don’t lie”.


I think we all had the same reaction after the first episode.


Fans are reacting every second to the new season.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.39.00 PM.png

Believe it or not, five minutes after saving the tweet above there were 177 tweets following. They were mostly positive fan reactions to the show. I think it’s safe to say fans of Stranger Things have the marketing covered, no need to hire a marketing team. For example, here is some of the art created by fans.

It’s the talk around town, no matter where you are.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.39.09 PM.png

Tyler Walker a local Stranger Things fan says, “It’s the perfect blend between 80’s nostalgia, The Goonies, and Super 8. It is bundled together in a borderline comic book themed television show. You can’t help but binge watch.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.13.18 PM.png

We thought we loved Dustin after season one…the love only grew after season 2. Especially after the snowball dance.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 9.39.30 PM.png

According to, the shows creators are already working on plans for season three. Who is ready?!



Last but not least, when you go to bed tonight remember to sleep tight and don’t let the demogorgons bite.



Written by: Josie Edwards

16 thoughts on “Stranger Things 2 Fan Reactions

  1. I RELATE TO THIS SO MUCH! Stranger Things is truly a masterpiece in everything thing they do! The Duffer Brothers are genius. What I found especially exciting about this season is that they complimented season two along with the series “Beyond Stranger Things” which was brilliant for marketing and making profit. The 80’s theme is so “in” right now in all forms of entertainment such as movies, tv shows and music and this is what Stranger Things did right. Their advertisements hit the nail on the head contributing to that theme as well.

  2. Love this article! Stranger Things 2 has to be the one show that the majority just adores. The massive fan base allows for those that love the show to market the show and spread there love of the show to other platforms , which is effective for these corporations.

  3. This is a great article!! I watched Stranger Things right when it came out and did the same for Stranger Things 2. The show is different than many popular shows nowadays and I think because of that its fan base is so big. They did a great job with advertisements for the show and their posters really give an 80s feel to the show and the fan base that the show has has allowed for the show to allow the fans to market the show in many different ways.

  4. For me, nothing is better than seeing a show I love be so well received. Over fall break I had the chance to travel to Jackson, Georgia, where the show was filmed. Its crazy to think that the town we know has Hawkins, Indiana, was about an hour from where I grew up. As a huge movie buff I love that the film industry has moved to Georgia! If I could’ve gotten off from class there were a couple of shows I wanted to be an extra in, Stranger Things 2 and The Walking Dead to name a few. I think was makes Stranger Things so popular is that their creators, the Duffer Brothers, have given every individual something to love about the show. If you’re a history buff its set in the 80s; if you like sci-fi you get the upside down; if you like teen romance you have Nancy and Johnathan. Or 11 and Mike if that’s more your speed. The Duffer Brothers present several themes within the show that make it a joy for people of all backgrounds to watch. They have done an excellent job of generating that relationship between the produce they made, Stranger Things, and their customers, the Netflix audience. I’m so pumped for Season 3! Rumors are they will be filming over the summer, maybe you will all see me as a blur behind Steve!

  5. This just shows how social media really can connect and unite people. The fact that one person put a thought on the internet and within 5 minutes have over 175 thoughts shows how we are more similar than we think. Social media is powerful.

  6. I love Stranger Things! It was good to see that they did change up the story line for the new season but also refreshing that they kept their brand strong. Their intro and the 80’s theme that made people say ” this show is different” and that is the main reason I believe why it is so popular because they finally came up with a new and interesting show!

  7. I personally have never watched Stranger Things nor have I heard much about it until the second season just recently came out. Out of no where it became the topic of all of my friends conversations and I was the only one who couldn’t contribute. After hearing everyone speak so highly of it, it is next on my list for things to watch on netflix.

  8. I love this article! Something I admire so much about Stranger Things (the casting, the plot, the music) is that it is so unlike many other shows that are popular today. This is why I think the fanbase is so big, because it can stretch from different age groups because of its humor and aesthetics. It’s also notable that it is one of Netlix’s biggest money makers being a Netflix original, bringing in consumers who opt for the $14 a month subscription over regular cable programs. Stranger Things is truly one of its kind for these two reasons, making it so successful in the media today.

  9. Season 3? I gotta get through season 2 before I can even think about that. This show is on fire though. Seems like everyone is watching this show. What a hit!!!!

  10. What a creative article! After the constant buzz of Stranger Things I finally watched the first season and was instantly hooked! So I completely relate to your article! There has been so much positive feedback for this show, and I hope their success continues to grow!!

  11. Season 3 is going to be great!! it really is crazy how everyone is talking about one show like this. I love it and your article did a good job of capturing the craze going on social media right now.

  12. I love the show Stranger Things! I think the fan base is really growing for this show and shows as a season 3 is in the works. I enjoyed the pictures and gifs you used. The show incorporates action, suspense, and humor which draws in a large audience. I always recommend this show to my friends and family and hope to see more Stranger Things in the future.

  13. Stranger Things 2 really does a good job at letting everyone spread the word. I personally heard about it from a classmate in IMC before 2 came out. I ended up binge watching the first season, and when the second season came out I only had two episodes left until I finished them last night. I also found that when I hear someone mention they haven’t watch the series I HAVE to recommend it to them. They really do a good job of marketing themselves by producing a quality show!

  14. This blog is fun! I have personally never seen the show just because everyone is talking about it. Yes, it is great they have built a following and obsession, but it also makes it easier to spoil. I tried to watch Breaking Bad when it was big but it kept getting ruined. Now, I wait until the hype dies down and watch so I can enjoy. This way social media can not ruin anything and if it does, I will have forgot by the time I watch the show years later.

  15. I LOVE STRANGER THINGS!!! I truly relate to this so much! This show has me fully hooked. I remember when i first started watching it I watched the whole season in…..ONE DAY! I was so into it, season two came out and I finished it in one weekend. This show truly does not need a marketing team, social media has it handled for them. It has taken Netflix to another level.

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