Social Media Improving TV Shows

Social Media has opened up a realm of engagement with fans and TV shows. With the different mediums of social media, fans can interact with actors and producers before, during, and after the show. TV producers are taking comments into consideration, and are changing the way they market and build their shows.


Some have even referred to social media as the “second screen,” meaning that the TV is the first screen and social media and devices are the second screen where people interact and engage with one another during the show.

TV shows are no longer a solitary experience, we are so involved with multitasking these days, usually while watching TV shows we are also on different social medias discussing our favorites, spoilers, and inviting friends to watch with us.

For those TV shows that aren’t involved with social media and engaging with fans, they are losing cliental because more than likely if people aren’t talking about it online, then they probably aren’t discussing it offline either.


-Faith Mahaffey