Is Seasonal Advertising Overwhelming?

It may be too early to break out the Christmas tree. However, it is never too early for brands to starting thinking about their marketing plan for the upcoming holiday season. For example, how many of you were watching the Hocus Pocus marathon on October 31st and then woke up to Target and Walmart Christmas commercials?  If you are like me, you did. I was overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas commercials skipping right over the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Brands choose specific marketing approaches for seasonal effectiveness. They desire connection with their target audience during the holiday season directing their advertising to family, traditions, and emotion. Whether they are advertising food, shopping, or decorations it is no secret they will do anything to grab the audiences’ attention and keep it through the busiest two months of the year.

Seasonal Advertising is a key aspect that drives sales in an advertising plan. It is a way to generate buzz about deals that promote their brands as early as possible. Understanding what consumers want during the holiday season allows for more effective ads on television. They do this by analyzing their target audience. Knowing your target audience allows for brands to sell exactly what people want.

How do brands control Seasonal Marketing? They control their social media accounts. Social media keeps their brand image family-oriented during the holiday season to reach a specific consumer demographic. By keeping a clean brand image during the holiday season, they are more likely to reach their ideal customer demographic on a personal level. For example, most Pillsbury ads focus on families laughing around the dinner table.

Social media campaigns during the holiday season have proven to be very effective. With the time crunch, people want easy, efficient shopping. Social media allows for consumers to be notified as quickly as possible about daily deals. There are giveaways and competitions on social media sites, so do not miss out on the deals.

-Hannah Smith




2 thoughts on “Is Seasonal Advertising Overwhelming?

  1. Hannah I had to stop as soon as I saw your memes. I love this time of year but I am constantly complaining to my husband that its becoming more and more excessive and less about fun and tradition and just BUY BUY BUY! And Christmas shopping is being thrown in our faces before Halloween! It is very overwhelming for me as a person, and as a consumer. I love what you said here about using social media too, there are great deals and things to find online so stores and their over the top mayhem can be avoided. Thanks for your post, I’m going to go watch Elf now.

  2. Gosh this is such a great post. Although I understand how effective they are it only frustrates me when as soon as halloween is over the overload of Christmas is broken out. I think that this is just a regurgitation of our culture and how we are never really in the present, always onto the next thing. Although this is the way that it is its pretty sad that this is the reality we live in.

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