Christmas Creep

Does it seem the Christmas advertising barrage come earlier and earlier? Can you remember the days retailers waited until after Halloween before setting up the artificial Christmas tress complete with garland and lights? I walked into a popular retailer a few days before Halloween for some last second “Trick or Treat” candy when I noticed from the corner of my eye, a whole section dedicated for the Yuletide Season. Is this just an occasional phenomenon or a selling strategy by major retailers to induce early holiday shopping? Annoyed may be too strong of a word to describe my feelings toward the commercialization of Christmas. However, I may not be the only one bothered by early advertising. A recent survey agreed with my original sentiment. The 2014 study indicated 71% of all Americans viewed Christmas displays before Halloween as annoying.



Times…they are a changing. A 2016 survey revealed Americans are slowly becoming receptive to the marketing ploy. The marketing strategy better known as the, “Christmas Creep” seems to be working on the average consumer. With only 63% of all Americans being annoyed by early Christmas displays, the indoctrination affects as a process to gain public acceptance is more than a communicative theory. The once taboo marketing trends of yesteryear are now in full practice with no looking back. Complete with dedicated radio stations spinning Christmas music 24/7, let the shopping begin! With the holiday shopping beginning in the fall, my stress levels from Christmas shopping procrastination will just have to start a couple of months sooner.


Robert Wilson